Dedicated research based solutions

Our R & D centre is driven by technological excellence, high caliber human resources and a passion to deliver quality products with speed and consistency in a cost effective manner. We, at Lumis, concentrate on developing superior quality, customer specific products through fermentation process and enzyme technology.

The core focus of the R&D team, apart from screening, isolating, characterizing microorganisms from varied environment, is to amalgamate the two ends of the spectrum, i.e. to utilize these microbial strains in the best possible ways through fermentation techniques to produce unique enzymes that will cater to the ever changing requirement of the food, feed, textile & other related application industries.

We are ably supported in this venture with well equipped labs having a range of automated & computerized bioreactors (5 to 30 liters capacity) complete with data acquisition & analysis software, uv-visible spectrophotometer, protein electrophoresis apparatus, culture collection lab. A pilot plant facility comprising of 500 to 3000 liters bioreactor with complete upstream and downstream process equipment forms the major backbone for all scale up studies.

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