Enzymatic Peroxide Killers

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used for bleaching, in the preparation of cellulose based fabrics and yarns and should be completely removed prior to dyeing. If not completely removed, hydrogen peroxide will cause shade change with some fiber reactive dyes and hence results in uneven dyeing.

Catalase enzymes are the most effective natural means of decomposing hydrogen peroxide and are required in very small quantities compared to chemical peroxide killers.

The Catalase enzymes offered by Lumis has a very broad pH and temperature working range ensuring complete decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to give uniform dyeing in the subsequent dyeing process. Due to this broad pH and temperature range, enzyme dosage and time of peroxide decomposition remains unchanged inspite of the fluctuations in the processing conditions.
Lumioxylase Series
Catalase enzyme (L)
Works efficiently from pH 3-9 and temp 30-80 C
L- Liquid Form         P-Powder form


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