Customised Enzyme Solutions For Brewing

Brewers around the world make use of variable quality raw materials, and high percentage of different adjuncts like rice, wheat, corn etc. At Lumis, our Application Experts work in close association with the brewers, understanding their process conditions, the type of raw materials, etc and accordingly design enzyme blends that give optimum results in the most economical manner.
It has always been Lumis’ perpetual effort to bring about effective enzyme solutions for brewing, hence giving the brewers maximum benefit and better results at minimum production cost.




    Lumibrew MAL

  • Multi enzyme complex. Reduces mash / wort viscosity and improves wort filtration rate. Increases fermentability of wort

    Luumibrew BHP

  • Multi enzyme complex for eliminating the risk of β – glucan and starch haze. Improves wort filtration and yields optimum and free α – amino nitrogen levels

    Lumibrew CM

  • Multi enzyme complex specially designed for Maize / Corn starch hydrolysis inn mashing

    Lumibrew SG

  • Specially designed multi enzyme complex where Sorghum is used as a major adjunct. Ensures complete hydrolysis of Sorghum starch and increases the fermentability of wort

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