Role Of Enzymes In Brewing

High Non Starch Polysaccharide containing cereals like unmalted barley, rice, sorghum, wheat rye, etc., when used in the breweries creates problem of high viscosity in the mash that leads to slow filtration rate and more rejections. Enzymes are used to overcome common brewery problems like low filtration rate, high viscosity of wort and also to tackle post fermentation problems like ‘chill haze’ caused during the cooling of beer.

Enzymes like beta glucanases and proteases ,is activated at the temperature range of 45oC –55oC.These enzymes aids in improving the filtration rate and also improves fermentation. At higher temperature, heat stable alpha amylases are added, that act on starch based cereals thus helping in its liquefaction process. In addition to these enzymes like amyloglucosidase are added to improve wort fermentability and to aid in starch hydrolysis.


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