Biowashing Enzymes

Biowashing is a process in which denim fabric is processed using cellulase enzymes to give it the characteristic faded/stonewash appearance. Combination of appropriate cellulase enzymes and various auxillaries has lead to the development of wide range of biowashing products These enzyme products provide varied finishes with low back staining to meet specific market requirements. Cellulase enzymes are responsible to create the various effects and patterns to the denims.

Denase Series
Very aggressive acid cellulase (L) Heavy fading/stone wash effect, works at 50-55 C
Lumizyme Series
Acid cellulase enzymes (L) Fading with low backstaining, works at 50-55 C
Neutraden Series
Neutral cellulase enzymes (P) Excellent grain pattern with negligible backstaining, works at 55-60 C
Neutracool Series
Ambient temp Pseudo Neutral cellulase enzymes (L/P)
Enhanced indigo retention, high contrast, negligible backstaining, works at ambient temp
Neutracool XG Series
Special Neutral Cellulase (P) Enhanced indigo retention, high contrast, negligible backstaining, Broad temp and pH working range from ambient to 60 C
L- Liquid Form         P-Powder form
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