Biopolishing Enzymes

Biopolishing refers to the application of cellulase enzymes in the treatment of various cellulosics to improve the fabric softness, feel and appearance. The concept of applying biopolishing enzymes has gained momentum and attained prime significance in the textile enzyme processing. The use of biopolishing enzymes helps in removing the fabric pills and fuzz and reducing the pilling propensity. This helps in achieving a clear fabric surface with increased colour and lustre and also in improving the flexibility and drapability of the fabric. Cellulase enzymes are the key enzymes in achieving these results.  We have developed high performance acid biopolishing enzymes that will work on various cellulosics to give the desired biopolishing effects. Understanding the current market demand for fabrics of low colour pull and better strength retention we have also launched neutral biopolishing enzymes. 

Lumipol Series
Acid Cellulases (L)
Excellent biopolishing effects
Lumisoft series
Acid and Neutral Cellulases (L)
Excellent biopolishing with low colour pull and low weight loss.
L- Liquid Form P-Powder form


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