Unique Features Of Lumis Feed Enzymes

Lumis manufactures a wide range of enzymes for the feed industry. Our enzymes have the unique features like

  • State of art manufacturing techniques-Enzymes are manufactured by solid and submerged fermentation techniques
  • Thermo stable & pH stable enzymes-All our feed enzymes are designed to withstand high temperature conditions and also work well at acidic pH.
  • Quality products– At Lumis, quality is ensured and assured at every stage of enzyme production. This helps us to deliver superior quality products that provide consistency in animal performance.
  • Wide range of enzymes- We supply feed enzymes in powdered, granulated and liquid form. Phytase enzymes provided by us are of both bacterial and fungal origin. All our enzymes are available as high concentrated individual enzymes or unique multi enzyme blends that are designed based on feed formulation.
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