Lumis - Feed Enzymes

Lumis offers a range of individual enzyme concentrates like.





 Hydrolyses phytic acids to phosphoric acid to reduce anti nutritional effect and release  phosphorus , minerals and other micro nutrients.


 Helps to digest high molecular weight arabinoxylans in animal feed. Also breaks down non  starch cell wall material of cereals and liberates extra nutrients making it freely available to  the animals


 Increases the digestion of starch component into small segments of soluble and easily  digestible sugars, improve gut condition.

 β Glucanase

 Improve the digestion glucans in the animal feed liberating more available energy and  reduce viscosity of the intestine/gut.


 Helps to digest pectin, methylated pectine and similar carbohydrates of plant origin.


 Helps to digesting vegetable fats and oils available from plant cells or external oils added  to the feed


 Breaks down ,the complex molecules of cellulose into more digestible compounds of  single or multiple sugars thus releasing metabolizble energy


 The mechanism of β-Mannanase is to degrade β - mannan, which is an antinutritional  factor existing in  many legumes, including soybean and canola meals.


 Galactosidase splits galactose, a specific monosaccharide sugar that is present in lactose  and in a variety of plant carbohydrates

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